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What Our Clients Say

Resort Village of Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

At Candle Lake, an entirely new council was elected in 2020.  Understanding the community wanted change, we were all reasonably aligned. We all felt that we could provide a new sense of direction, and with a few small changes here and there we could take our growing community into the future.  We tried our best to implement change but soon found that the problems were much more complicated than we ever expected.  We sourced consultants for what seemed to be individual issues and then realized that many were interconnected and systemic. We needed to look outside our organization for help, and for that, I am grateful we found Dean and Larry at HMC.

As a council, we knew things should be and must be different.  We could identify dysfunction but the solutions were not clear. Dean and Larry came into our system, worked with the existing team there and identified the many issues causing dysfunction. They laid out clear reports, with multiple options for solutions. They allowed ample time for open discussion and walked us through considering and making difficult decisions. As a council, we were always in control of the direction. Together, we laid out a path with careful deliberation over multiple solution options and potential outcomes identified.

Each decision made by council was then supported by HMC’s extensive resources to ensure successful implementation. With HMC’s help, we hired a new management team and feel now, 19 months into our term of office, that Candle Lake has the systems and the people in place to move confidently into the future. 

HMC also walked us through 2 budget years with their comprehensive budget model creating a path for the future. We now have a system that assures accountability and will help to create a solid future financial plan.

I highly recommend HMC to provide solutions to complex problems.

Terry Kostyna

Mayor Candle Lake, Saskatchewan.

Town of Rosthern, Saskatchewan

As a growing community wanting to be prepared for the future, the Town of Rosthern decided that a total operations and governance review was needed.  Three different companies were interviewed and what convinced us to hire HMC Management Inc., and specifically Dean & Larry, was their understanding and experience in the local government field.  


To learn about the existing inner workings of the Town, Dean and Larry reviewed the Town’s budgets and financial statements, minutes, existing policies and procedures, and held in person interviews with all council members and staff.


We appreciated the fact that they were upfront and to the point, and did not sugar coat things or tell us what they thought we wanted to hear.  A number of recommendations came out of the review which were extremely helpful.   


After the review, the Town further extended HMC’s contract to assist us with updating our HR polices and wage grid, something I would have never had the time to do on my own.  Even now, an existing relationship remains with Dean and Larry.  


They are truly down to earth and only wanting the best for the municipality.


Nicole Lerat, RMA, Chief Administrative Officer  

Town of La Ronge, Saskatchewan

In 2019 The Town of La Ronge was in need of some administrative assistance in finding a qualified CAO that would fit the operations of the Town. In the initial search for a CAO, Dean and Larry noticed some operational structures that they felt needed some fixing prior to recruitment and offered to take on the administrative role prior to recruitment.


After a month had passed it was clear to see that Dean and Larry brought the knowledge and expertise we needed for our municipality, and was able to deliver the changes needed in a way that was easily managed and kept council informed of next steps and allowed them to play a role in the restructuring of our operations that would better suit the long-term goals of our Town and Regional Partnerships.


After a year in our operations, the only downfall that we experienced, was that Dean and Larry had to move on from our organization to help others, but they ensured that we were left in capable hands to drive our municipality into and onto better pastures. Dean and Larry were able to give us an amazing experience and fostered great development among council discussions and operational innovation.


We had contracted HMC prior to the unfortunate events that 2020 has shown with a pandemic reaching our municipality, from before our first case, to immunization stages, HMC provided reasonable, sound, and knowledgeable guidance to getting through the pandemic. This would take a serious amount of dedication, determination, and willingness to adapt quickly.


I as the current Deputy Mayor for the Town, would recommend their services to any of my friends, their businesses or fellow councillors if they are looking for some administrative help, big or small.

Jordan McPhail, Deputy Mayor, Town of La Ronge

Town of Wadena
, Saskatchewan

The Town of Wadena initially hired HMC to conduct an operations review. Dean and Larry spent time learning how the municipality functioned not only through a desktop review of our policies and practices, but on the ground interacting in the day-to-day operations. They provided honest feedback and produced constructive, practical and achievable recommendations. The Town continued to work with HMC on implementation of a number of their recommendations. Their knowledge, practical experience, and professionalism are truly exceptional. The Town of Wadena is operating much more efficiently thanks to the recommendations HMC made and their assistance with implementation.  HMC is well worth the investment.

Jennifer Taylor RPP MCIP RMA, Chief Administrative Officer

Riverdale Municipality, Manitoba

Four years following amalgamation, Riverdale Municipality continued to struggle with the structure of the “new municipality”.    Riverdale Council made the decision to hire HMC to take a hard and unbiased look at the operations of the municipality and review the entire structure. Dean and Larry provided a thorough review and recommendation which consisted of creating effective job descriptions under a new simplified structure and guiding us into putting the right people into the right positions. Their no-nonsense yet humorous approach kept us engaged and feeling positive about making some very tough decisions.   Although we are still in our first year of changes, we continue to implement the recommendations we received as part of our overall plan and already see the positive change in our work environment. We would definitely recommend HMC Management to assist in making positive changes to any organization.


Kat Bridgeman, CAO

Grandview Municipality, Manitoba

Grandview Municipality has used HMC Management services a couple of times. HMC coached us through a Municipal Role and Responsibility Orientation Workshop, which really helped our new and existing Councilor’s understand their roles and responsibilities to our Municipality and Rate Payers. At that time, HMC supported us in the development of a Strategic Plan which identified the critical priorities and outcomes to be achieved by our Municipality over a set time frame. This really helped us ensure that the Council and the CAO are on the same page with the Financial and Asset Management Plans into the future. 


In early 2019, we also hired HMC to fully engage in the recruitment of a new CAO while also providing Operational support to Council and our Acting CAO during the recruitment process.  The process was relatively short with no problems. There were consistent and regular updates from start to finish which took approximately four months to first day on the job for our new CAO. 


HMC listened, customized their services and worked with us in providing strong Municipal expertise and acumen to our Municipality. We highly recommend HMC to any Municipality. 


Kevin Edmondson, Mayor, Grandview Municipality

Town of Carberry/Municipality of North Cypress-Langford, Manitoba

“We tasked Dean and Larry at HMC with a Feasibility Study for a new Rec Property in our community. From the beginning, they were very professional. As someone who was new to my position, I wasn’t sure of the process, and they provided clear guidance on the project. Their research into our current facilities was very thorough, from tours to looking into our bookings etc. for all of our different areas covered all angles. They met with our board regularly, and everything was very transparent. They helped us plan and execute a public meeting to unveil our plan to our community, and their presentation was very clear and well received by our citizens. Their partnership with aodbt Architecture was very close, and they worked very well together to come up with a plan for us to use to begin developing our new Rec Area. They were able to consolidate our various properties into one simple, clean, and well-designed property. I would not hesitate to recommend their company to anyone.”


Grady Stephenson, Manager of Parks, Facilities, and Sanitation

South Interlake Planning District, Stonewall, Manitoba

“In 2016, I came across a detailed job advertisement for a newly posted General Manager position with the South Interlake Planning District (SIPD). After inquiring about the position, Dean Yaremchuk of HMC Management Inc. quickly responded and provided me with a detailed information package outlining the role and responsibilities of the position and a profile of the SIPD organization. The information package, which was professionally prepared by HMC, further piqued my interest. After submitting my resume to HMC, Dean conducted a preliminary telephone interview with me, which then resulted in an in-person interview with HMC and the SIPD Board. Following the interview process, I was offered and very pleased to accept the General Manager position with the SIPD. Having been through several in-depth interview processes for high-level management positions throughout Canada, I can say with confidence that HMC Management Inc. coordinated the most professional, transparent, and efficient recruitment process that I have ever experienced. Any questions I had during the hiring process were quickly answered by telephone or email from the day I first inquired about the position to the day I was hired. I appreciate everything HMC did to assist me during the recruitment process, and would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future.


Eric Shaw, General Manager, South Interlake Planning District

Town of Moosomin, Saskatchewan

The Town of Moosomin had previously tried to recruit a candidate with accreditation of Civil Engineering, however, even with extended advertising in Regina Leader Post, Moosomin World Spectator, SUMA Website and through the SIAST Campus, we were unsuccessful to generate any interest in the position.  Council agreed to contract HMC to provide recruitment services, and we are thoroughly impressed in how the whole process transpired.  From the development of an Employment Opportunity Profile, to the suggested short listing of candidates, to background checks and references, to organizing and holding the interview process with candidates both in person and via Skype, the entire process worked without any issues. The Town also contracted HMC Management Inc. to perform a “Strategic Planning” session, and many action plans were developed.  Again, we were impressed by this whole process. Dean Yaremchuk and Larry Lang are professional and provide good value for the services they provide. Moosomin would indeed recommend HMC Management Inc. 


Larry Tomlinson, Mayor, Town of Moosomin, Saskatchewan 

Teaching English as a Subsequent Language Saskatchewan Inc (TESL Sask)

Prior to our project we received an extensive list of consultants from SaskCulture, and we emailed all of them to ask for submissions of a proposal.  HMC Management INC. submitted by far the best proposal – concise, professional, and realistic. We did not take long to choose them as our consultant. Larry and Dean had done similar work in the past, most specifically with NORTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program Council), and we had faith they could help us.  They did an amazing, relatively fast, very thorough and thoughtful job with our organization. With their directness, but humor, they were able to get right to the bottom of our problem areas, and help us focus on the issues that we needed to focus on. When we got off-track, they pulled us back on track and did not allow us to 1) waste our time, or 2) fall into bad habits or old patterns. They questioned us in all the ways that we needed to be challenged and questioned, and gave us the harsh realities we needed to face. They also are very knowledgeable about all of the current acts and trends guiding non-profits, and made sure that we were in alignment with all current practices and policies.  I have no hesitation recommending them as strategic consultants. Their professionalism, experience, and respect is unmatched in my experience, and I would use them as a consulting service again in a heartbeat.


Deborah Hulston, Academic/Program Coordinator ESL Program,

University of Regina Past

President, Teaching English as a Subsequent Language Saskatchewan Inc (TESL Sask) 

Rural Municipality of Rockwood, Manitoba

The RM of Rockwood hired the services of HMC to provide us with an overall organizational review. We found their company to be very professional, practical and insightful. Thanks to the constructive recommendations of HMC, all levels of our municipality are operating more efficiently. HMC is one of the best long-term investments a municipality could budget for. 


Jim Campbell, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Rockwood

Town of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan


Our community has used HMC Management in a number of areas. First of all, they lead our New Mayor and Council through a Council Role and Responsibility Orientation Workshop, which was very helpful for our new Council.  In April 2013, they assisted us develop our first integrated plan (a Council driven strategic plan integrated with staff operations and action plans tied into our budget). In May of 2013, they were hired to develop a plan to search for a new Chief Administrative Officer. This was a fairly long process but proved to be very successful, as we filled that position in November of 2013. Through this time as well, HMC provided management and operational support for our Acting CAO as well as for Mayor and Council. We would highly recommend HMC Management to any municipality in need of direction and support. 


Bob Himbeault, Mayor, Town of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan 

Town of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan

HMC Management Inc. was hired to facilitate a Strategic Plan and an Operations Plan for our community.  In addition, Dean and Larry provided a Governance Training workshop as part of the value-added component to their planning services.  Our Council was going through a challenging process which, in the end, required further guidance than initially anticipated.  Dean and Larry did not hesitate to assist our Council and Staff through this trying time and, in fact, went further than expected to lead us successfully through each stage.  Dean and Larry were always professional and honest. Their integrity and strong work ethic inspired all of us to raise the bar and perform more efficiently and effectively. They were able to provide insight and direction in a clear and concise manner, often using humour and a laid-back approached to keep us on track and focused. Most importantly, Dean and Larry are able to take difficult situations and provide realistic solutions that are manageable and straight-forward. I would highly recommend HMC Management Inc. to any organization requiring planning and direction. Dean and Larry are professionals that you can rely on for assistance, even after the ‘job’ is done. 


Carleen Wallington, Manager of Economic Development & Tourism 

Rural Municipality of Argyle, Manitoba


Our RM used the services of HMC Management Inc. for hiring our CAO and found them to be very professional.  I would not hesitate to use their services again if the need arose.  I found them to be very thorough and the follow-up after the hiring was very assuring. 


Bob Conibear, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Argyle, Manitoba.

Gilbert Plains Recreation Commission, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba


It was a pleasure working with Dean and Larry in developing a plan for the future for our local park and campground facility. Dean and Larry were able to help us in defining a sustainable vision for recreational services, from a municipal and community perspective. Their skills in navigating the process were first-class. From the onset of the research and information gathering stage, to facilitating meetings with stakeholders, goal-setting, drawing on expert advice, and responding to the public at a community meeting; HMC was instrumental in guiding a sound process and pulling the pieces together. Dean and Larry’s approachable style, understanding of rural communities, municipal knowledge and experience were a great asset in our work with them. The final product which HMC provided, is a valuable planning tool which serves our immediate needs and will be a guiding resource for our community in the future. 


Curt Gullett, Chair – Gilbert Plains Rec. Commission & Councillor (Town of Gilbert Plains) 

Charlene Gulak, Vice Chair – Gilbert Plains Rec. Commission & Councillor (RM of Gilbert Plains) 

Northern Teacher Education Program Council Inc (NORTEP-NORPAC)


HMC Management Inc. led The Northern Teacher Education Program Council Inc. (NORTEP) through a governance review in 2012.  The process brought the 17 member board to consensus to complete major revision of NORTEP’s incorporation documents and governance bylaws.  The collegial process led to creating a more effective and efficient Board of Governors.  The Board even agreed to reduce the board size by approximately 50%.  In addition, the board and senior management developed a clear understanding of the leadership role of both the board and senior management. 


Dr. Herman Michell President, Northern Teacher Education Program Council Inc (NORTEP-NORPAC) La Ronge, Saskatchewan 

Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, Manitoba


In summary, Council was very happy that it chose to undertake the services of HMC in assisting us in the search for a new CAO. We found that Dean and Larry always acted in a professional manner with the best interests of the Municipality in mind. Timelines were met and, in the end, our objective of getting a new CAO was achieved. Our investment in your company was well worth it. Thanks for the great work!  


Ron Musick, Reeve Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, Manitoba. 

Rural Municipality of Hanover, Manitoba


Council was very happy with the service HMC provided in finding and hiring a new CAO for us. Council did not have to screen a pile of resumes and it took away some of the stress of hiring your top person. It was very help full to have someone to guide you through the recruitment process.  I would have no issue with recommending Dean next time around.  


Stan Toews, Reeve Rural Municipality of Hanover, Manitoba